Pandemic Diaries of an Artist

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, INDUSMIND was also

In the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, INDUSMIND was isolated like everybody. In addition he was like many others, didn’t have a job and life wasn’t always easy.

With everyone feeling frustrated and lonely due to social distancing, masks (which hide our emotions), people staying home and most public spaces closed, he wanted to bring some colour and life into this pandemic.

During this time, in his free time without expensive equipement, he used what he had at hand to create a stand alone collection of moments. These moments are those that we all face daily during the pandemic. So literally this is part of our history secured through the eyes and hands of the artist, INDUSMIND.

He had made an historical Diary of moments of our everday life which has changed so much since this all began. However he enlightens it all with his colourful drawings.

It started as a guesture for his friends and family but then quickly made it in to new hights when it was picked up by one of the most influential national newspapers.

It’s a collection of 19 original files and will be offered and minted in editions. Don`t miss this drop of unique artwork.

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