Mission impossible – Day 1 of 19 (Pandemic Diaries)

This is the first drawing of a collection of 19 pieces made at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Originally INDUSMIND made it for his friends & family to entertain them in these times of change. But then it was picked up by the biggest daily newspaper in Portugal, since everybody can identify themselves in them.

Here the original files will be minted on Tezos NFT Marketplace hicetnunc.xyz as an NFT, each will have 19 Editions, the first ones will be set at a lower price for every NFTCollector to be able to collect them. The fewer pcs of each Edition available, the higher the price will become.

Every day, 1 artwork will be minted/published for the next 18 days.

For every collector who collected the whole collection, there will be a little gift when the last edition is minted.

Here you can find the article for this collection. INDUSMIND´s Diary of the pandemic on Publico.pt

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