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We help you to get started without any headache of security, wallets, technology and make sure the generated funds come to you. You create your art and utilize your creativity, we care about the rest and utilize our broad knowledge and educated team to focus on maximum profit for you. You have heard that Art, Photographs, and other creative work can be turned into NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) but …


have no clue about:

It’s a brand-new way of transmitting money without the need for traditional banking networks, as well as a means to store data in a transparent and unalterable way.
The word ‘Fungible’ was not invented by the blockchain community.


  1. The things you buy are completely interchangeable with others of the same type and quantity.
  2. You can buy them in any quantity, even fractional.

If fungible tokens are like money, non-fungible tokens are like collectable coins.

Non Fungible tokens

unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.

A wallet is where you keep your money in real world. In crypto you also have wallets to keep you funds. There are 3 different kinds of wallets:

– Hot wallet, on any Exchange, not recommended for long time storage
– Web wallet, like mycrypto, metamask much more recommended
– Hardware wallet: Trezor, Ledger, highly recommended for long time storage


Why is Ethereum sometimes called a ‘world computer’.

Ethereum’s Blockchain is a whole network, with its own Internet browser, coding language and payment system and all sorts of decentralised applications (dAPP). It runs on Smartcontracts what are trustless contracts.

Public The address of your Wallet it is a large numerical value. like this:


Each wallet have an address for you to receive transactions and it is also used to login in to dAPPs (decentralised apps), like marketplaces NFT marketplaces. Its like your bank account number and its public, but its anonymus, unless you post it with your name in public.

It is the key to your wallet, its like the CODE to your trezor, like yur PIN for your credit card!


The Private Key can not be changed. So once you share it with someone that person will always have access to your wallet. If you feel your private key has been compromised , get a new wallet and transfer all your assets – immediatly!

A smart contract is an application that runs on a blockchain network. Deployed on public blockchain networks, smart contracts are self-executing and immutable after their signing. The uses of such contracts are limitless, as they can be used to build decentralized exchanges, tokenized assets, games and more.

There are marketplaces out there, where you can mint (generate) your NFT and also directly oput it up for sale. Most know atm are Opensea, Foundation, SuperRare, Rarible, HicetNunc

Minting is the process where you generate a NFT (non fungible token) out of your pcs of art

GAS like the gas in real world, what you burn to get from A to B, but in cryptospace its the fee to send smthg from one adress to another.

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About us: We are team since 2016 with deep insights into blockchain, technology and are a mixed team of artists, entrepreneurs, Tech Developers, Psychologists, Business development ,  Product developers.

As its our mission to support artists & collectors with the highests quality level, our spots for new artists are limited. Please send us your application below, we will reply 100% but cannot guarantee you a spot right away as we really care about your work and want to take the time needed for every single artist. 


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