I would describe himself as a coffeeholic by choice and an artist by accident. My journey as an artist started during the game development boom at the beginning of the 2000s in my country. Since then, i have mostly been working in the game entertainment and technology spaces.

I've been working on projects for well-known entertainment companies like Marvel Games (Marvel: Avengers Alliance), Apple (Apple Academy), and Fox Film (for several advergame titles as Dragon Ball and Fantastic 4).

Currently, i'm the lead artist for a future building AI and Robotics company called NextOS and Creative Leader at BaeBay Entertainment. Also, i've been working with my own projects and freelancing through my studio Onimetal Art.

Art is a special part of what’s inside myself that want others to transform it with their own eyes. To bring these adventures alive, i usually mix charcoals, pencils and sometimes acrylics together with digital painting. I also like to work with pure digital line art, usually black and white.

Each artwork i do contains pieces of journeys taken and stories i've returned from. These experiences builds me as an artist every day.