With an artistic path that goes back all the way to the late nineties, May68 has explored his artistic expression throughout a series of mediums from the traditional art such as sketching, screen painting, film, photography and painting to an array of digital mediums. Abstractionism and scientific illustration set the borders of the spectrum concepts and styles explored by the artist.
  • Genesis Block

    Genesis Block
  • Golden Triangle

    Golden Triangle

    The golden triangle is not a new concept. Having lived for 2 years in an area of Norwich UK called Golden Triangle it is a concept that stuck with me for quite a while now. This piece is conveys the a digital culture , a digital visual language. It is a tribute too simplicity using the simples of shapes. The triangle.

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  • Tezos block

    Tezos block
  • 3 sides make one

    3 sides make one
  • Vivaldi’s XXI 4 Block Seasons

    Vivaldi’s XXI 4 Block Seasons
  • Polyart – Closing the triangle

    Polyart – Closing the triangle