Giovani Zanolino

My name is Giovani Zanolino, I was born in Perigueux France on the 7th of June 1986. I moved to the island nation of Cura ao as a baby, where I was raised with my five sisters and 4 brothers.

I Moved to Europe to pursue studies in Art, but after one year at the Art Academy I decided I was better off without those teachers. After 4 years of travel and finishing my bachelors in English language and culture in France, I moved back to Curaçao. I would then enter an apprenticeship by my Father (The prolific Caribbean Artist Philippe Zanolino).

The first 7 years of my career were mostly filled with traditional Art mediums such as, pen and ink, pastel, acrylic paint, sculpture, photography and collage (mostly in mixed media form). Then I would enter 5 years of mostly digital work, photoshop, animation and video, but always applying elements of handmade works into the digital works.

I really started missing the uniqueness of handmade works, and started applying my digital work to various different mediums, such as glass, mirrors and textiles, as well as applying  layers of traditional art to my printed work.

Iʼve been grinding about 16 years and have won various prizes, such as Top undiscovered french artist living abroad, participated in 20+ expositions locally and abroad (Miami, San Fransisco, Palo Alto and Venice a.o). I recently restored a Unesco heritage building on Curacao, where I currently live and operate my Zanolino Gallery.

  • Taos Indian

    Taos Indian

    “When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.”

    2562 × 3006 pixels

    Made in 2014 by Giovani Zanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art

  • Maricopa Girl

    Maricopa Girl

    “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” -Native American proverb

    3937 × 2953 pixels

    Made in 2014 by Giovani Zanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art

  • Maori



    “There is food at the end of my hands” -Maori Proverb

    3939×5975 Pixels

    Artwork made in 2015 by Giovani Zanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art

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  • Headhunter


    “The sacred jar is not to be opened except by a warrior who has managed to obtain a head, or by a man who can present a human head, which he obtained in a fight; or by a man who has returned from a sojourn in enemy country.”

    size: 3931 × 3898

    PArtwork made in 2014 by @GioZanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art

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  • Bear’s Belly

    Bear’s Belly

    “To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature.” -Native American Proverb

    1672×2160 Pixels

    Made in 2014 by Giovani Zanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art

  • Amasunzu 3

    Amasunzu 3

    “Real fraternity is not about blood, it is about sharing.” -Rwandan Proverb

    5315 × 3311 Pixels

    Made in 2014 by Giovani Zanolino

    Curated by @NFT4_art