We are a team of artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, real estate agents and others from many nations and believe. We teamed up in the blockchain world for many years already.

With NFT4 Art & Artists we are here to bridge the worlds between crypto and the real world. We know, that many artists have no idea about how the crypto space works with NFTs, Wallets, Gas, Transactions, Minting and how they could even handle it. So for them to not loose time and to help turning their creative work into a source of income we handle all necessary steps and work as an “agency” with the idea to manage all for them, so the artist can focus on his favorite, creating art. We care about you and your intellectual property, why we handle everything with the most care as it would be our own.

We upfront any costs appearing and invest our daytime & KNOWLEDGE BASE.

In exchange we only ask for a successfee when a piece of art is sold. So yes, because we also cannot fill our fridges with love only. But this is a case by case and nothing fixed.

Our Philosophy is:

The Artist first, then we see the rest. We want to support as many artists possible to turn the creative work into real world value – $BTC, $ETH, $XTZ, $BNB, $ICX – so that the time spent in the past with low valuation or no reach changes 180 degrees, its now or never when artists can get the maximum exposure for their souldriven work.